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The sorts of notes we’d all love to find in our inbox. The kind that are just plain fun to read!

Just For Fun

Nothing important happening here – just decorating our inboxes with some good vibes.

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Your email won’t be shared or added to any other list. It really is just for fun.

If your inbox looks like everyone else’s, it’s probably filled with:

  • reminders about stuff you don’t need
  • pitches from vendors who want your business
  • warnings about what we’re doing wrong.

It can be rather dull (if not downright gloomy) stuff.

Remember how good it feels when a really great email arrives?

  • “I was just thinking about you …”
  • “I heard you rocked it!”
  • “You’ve got money!”

We don’t get nearly enough of those sorts of inbox delights, do we? Until now …

We think every inbox deserves some love and magic.

That’s why we created Inspired Inbox emails – to send some lighthearted fun to your inbox, guaranteed to make you smile.

Why sign up for Inspired Inbox emails? Because …

Your inbox deserves some fun.
Anything that brings a smile is worth it.
Thoughts become things, after all.
It entrains you to good news.
There’s nothing to lose – unsubscribing is easy!
Hello, it’s free! 🙂

Who Are We?

Just a couple girls who got tired of all the dire news in our inboxes, especially since we know we entrain to what we read.

Which is why we wanted to let you in on our good time. What you focus on grows, so having something fun to read opens the door for more fun!

Learn more about Cindie at The Love & Magic Coach.
Find Jeannette online at Good Vibe Blog.